Ecofire Bioethanol Fire

The EcoFire is a stylish biofuel fireplace that adds a touch of class to each house. By using biofuel this eye catching solution can be used safely and easily in or around every house.

No flue is required and the Ecofire is easily installed in most spaces giving the look of a fire and flue without the work needed to install a sold fuel appliance.

Real flames and warmth!

– Safe and closed application
– Environmentally friendly biofuel
– Effficient through heat recovery
– Suitable for passive houses


Performance: approx. 2 kW
Heat storage: Ø250 mm x 200 mm
Fuel type: Biofuel
Emission approx.: nil (internal use allowed)



Housing: DN Ø200 mm and Ø130 mm
Height: 2060 mm