Installing a stove in an existing fireplace

A stove can be fitted in an existing fireplace providing there is enough room and it complies with building regulations.

 We can open up fireplaces, fit lintels, board the sides of fireplaces and fit hearths.

We recommend an air gap of 150mm to the sides, 100mm behind and 300mm above a stove, this allows the the heat to radiate rather than just heat up the surrounding fireplace.

A hearth must be fitted in accordance to building regulations, this is normally at least 12mm thick and at least 225mm in front of the stove and 150mm to the sides.

The flue must be checked to ensure it is suitable and gas tight, a liner can be installed if necessary.

A closure plate needs to be fitted at the bottom of the flue, this seals the stove into the flue to ensure it works correctly and no fumes can enter the room.

Clearview Pioneer in stone fireplace

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